Contouring Is OUT! Strobing Is The New Deal Now

torek, 30. junij 2015

The world just learned how to sculpt perfect cheeckbones and narrow the nose, and it's already time for a new trend. Who has time to contour their face every morning, and let's face it, this look was not for everyone. It's time for a new, fresher, more natural and dewy look called strobing.

Strobing is a lot simpler than contouring and it's basically just extreme highlighting, it defines your features just by using light. Let me show you how it's done:

This is my face just with foundation

The trick with strobing is, that you can quickly look like you dipped your face in oil, if you don't do it the right way. You have to highlight in all the right places, where the light naturally hits the face. Top of the cheekbones, nose and the center of the forhead are the main areas that were already brightened in contouring. But be careful with the nose and center od the forehead, if you tend to get oily! These two parts are also the only ones that I would apply powder to, since we don't want to make the whole face matte, but we also don't want to look gross and oily.

You can also apply highlighter to the cupids bow, inner eye corners, center of the eyelid, brow bone, temples, chin and under the cheekbone/jaw area, if you want even brighter look. I put on a bit of a blush, to make my face look even fresher. Here are the results:

Below are the highlighting products I own. Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl is a wonderful champagne/rose color, but I mostly use L'oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light primer. You can apply it under foundation or mix it together, but I use it on the foundation as a highlighter, because I love how it gives this gentle satin glow, unlike some other highlighting products, bronzers and  blushes that have a bit of a glitter in it. I really don't like when products, except eyeshadows, contain glitter, because it's so obvious under the direct light or sunlight. You can also use pigments for highlighting, Mac Vanilla or Melon would be perfect for this!

This is a perfect look for fresh summer skin, just don't apply it with a heavy hand, except if you want to loohk like a glowing disco ball. In that case, highlight the hell away!

Till' next time,
xoxo, Lucija

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