nedelja, 26. april 2015

Hello and welcome to my blog! 

My name is Lucija, I live in Slovenia and I am 21 years old. I have been following beauty blogs for quite a while now and I finally decided that it's time to start my own. 
Like most of the girls my age, I entered the world of makeup in elementary school, when I was about 11 or 12. Of course it all started with a black kohl eyeliner in the waterline, that I wiped off before I came home, so that my mom wouldn't see it. I started practicing more and more with different makeup looks throughout high school and I started getting better at it, but I also learned from my mistakes - and believe me, there were MANY.

Recently, I enrolled into a 3 month Makeup Academy led by the amazing Jasna Oklešen and started learning more about different techniques and products, and I really really like it! I already knew a lot about makeup from before, so it hasn't been really challenging yet, but I did pick up a few tips and tricks that make everything a lot easier. I'll make more posts about our learning process later on. 

Our workspace with the make up table in the middle

The main reason I started this beauty blog, is to share with you my journey to becoming a Makeup Artist and how my collection of makeup is getting bigger and bigger. Expect to se a few reviews, occasional tutorial, maybe a recipe here and there, because I also like to cook, and of course EAT (who doesn't?) and other rambles about my everyday life. So, that's it for my introduction. For more check out my Instagram and I will post a real article soon :)

Stay tuned!

Love, Lucija

Before and after - Pin up look a fellow student did on me
Photo and hair by our mentor Jasna Oklešen

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  1. Lucija dobrodošla v svetu blogganja:) ti želim veliiik dobrih objav, luštnih fotk..predvsem pa tega da delaš s srcem:) p.s pa še tvoja čisto prva sledilka sem) yesss:) končno nekje prva.

    Moj blog, če te poti slučajno zanesejo kdaj nanj:

    monika from Sugarlove blog*

    1. ooo najlepša hvala za lepe želje, topel sprejem sploh pa za to da si moja prva sledilka! :D ti sledim nazaj :)