Makeup Academy Part 1

torek, 26. maj 2015

Hello again! I know this is the post you've all been waiting for. Today I'm going to write about my schooling in Carpus Makeup Center. I actually wanted to post this sooner, I had half of this post already written in draft, but it magically disappeared.

So, this is how our workspace looks like - room full of mirrors and chairs with the table full of makeup in the middle. You can't see it, but on the right there is also a whiteboard, where our mentor Jasna Oklešen sketches for us, like how to contour different face shapes or how to shade different eyeshapes and so on. We also have a few other visiting lecturers, like lovely Romina Regvat, who thaught us how to blend properly, what is like working on a set, how to treat customers and so on. Yesterday we also had renowned hairdresser Matevž Majcen, to show us how to quickly do a few interesting hairstyles and how you can do different types of curls. 

Today, I'm actually focusing more on the beauty part of the course, which was also the longest. I'll post about other things we did or will do later, including the hairstyling part.

Atmosphere at Carpus, me and my model in the top left corner
Photo by Jasna Oklešen
We usually go in pairs and work on each other, but sometimes, if one of us can't make it, someone has to bring a model, whis is mostly one of our friends. The mentor always tells us at the beginning of the lesson what are we going to do that day, and tells us all about the look and technique we will be using. It's really interesting how different we all look at the end, because of different choice of colors, products, face and eye shapes.

We first started, of course, with how to choose and properly apply foundation and contour face. With different brushes and types of fountaions you get different finishes, and you have to choose the right one, according to the look and type of skin you're working on. Next, you have to contour considering the face shape and know, if you want to completely transform it's features, or just lightly emphasize bone structure.

Pin up look, makeup by Andreja Furlanič, hair and photo by Jasna Oklešen - huuuge thank you for the left picture

Then Jasna showed us the most basic eye shading. First and most commonly used is the fan technique. I don't know the proper term for it in English, but it's basically shading the outer corner of the eye in fan shape (the outer corner is the darkest color, then it gets lighter towards the inner corner). This technique can be used for every occasion - subtle daily makeup, or even very dramatic, dark look.

Next was banana. It's called like this, because we are applying shadow on the crease in the shape of a banana. This is most commonly used on deep set eyes to contour eye shape and it goes really well with the eyeliner and pin up look, which was also one of the looks we did (pictured above).

Smokey eye, makeup and photo by Romina Regvat

Romina taught us how to do a smokey eye and demonstrated it on me. Please excuse my dark circles, spring has really been hard on my eyes and nose (damn spring!!!). As I explained in one of the previous posts, most people confuse it with a dramatic outer eye corner shading. With smokey eye, you start with a black eyeliner on the lashline and then make the color disappear towards the brow bone. You can do this with any color you like, most commonly it's black, paired with darker and lighter shades of brown. You can put some pigments in the middle of the lid, to complement the color of the eyes, or make the whole look more interesting. Of course you do the same on the lower lid.

Eyeliner trend
Next was the eyeliner trend, which is very popular and a lot of the girls and young women wear this every day. It's just simply eyeliner with a trendy lipstick.

Bridal makeup by Clara de Andrea

Here you can see Clara doing bridal makeup on me. I don't have any pictures of the look I did on her, but since the wedding season is already here, I'm planning on making a post about this look very soon. For that reason, I'm not going to get into details about this makeup look just yet :)

Prom makeup by Vanja Zorman

This is prom makeup Vanja did on me. Prom makeup is usually more dramatic than bridal, with darker colors on the lids and fake eyelashes. She contoured my face, used matte eyeshadows on the lids and then lined them with eyeliner and black kohl pencil in the waterline. Then she finished the whole look  with a little bit of blush and slightly pink lipgloss.

Prom makeup

Here is also a prom look I did on Vanja. I decided to go a bit more dramatic with heavier contouring and used dark brown and gold shades on her lids. Fake eyelashes are almost necessary for this look, so I applied them after I lined the eyes with gel liner. I paired the whole look with this gorgeous dark red lipstick, which really suits her.

60' inspired look

The inspiration for the last look we did during this beauty part of the course was Sophia Loren and 60's double eyeliner on the lower and upper eyelid. I'm sorry I didn't take closer pictures of the details of the liner. I applied white eyeshadow as the base, and then really defined crease with black eyeshadow. With this look it's all about matte, no shimmer and a nude lip.

I hope you liked this post and all the looks we did. Also, you can follow me on Facebook HERE. If you want me to make a tutorial of any of these looks, please comment below. I will make Part 2 soon, so stay tuned!

Love, Lucija

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